Annotation Studio: a web portal to support the development of IMS-based diagnostic assays

In this poster we showcased Annotation Studio, a software solution we co-developed with Frontier Diagnostics to aid them in annotating whole-slide images to develop MALDI imaging-based diagnostic assays.
screenshot of Annotation Studio
Screenshot of the whole-slide image annotation page within Annotation Studio.
The design of Annotation Studio emphasizes streamlined workflows that facilitate collaboration with remote partners, e.g., for research collaborators across the globe. To enable this type of collaboration, the software provides role-based workflows (e.g., sample annotation, review, classification, etc.) along with build-in communication and notification systems to empower end users.

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Annotation Study provides a valuable framework to coordinate and streamline high-throughput studies where pathologist expertise, IMS experiments and data analysis are combined. This workflow enabled the construction and high-throughput use of an IMS-based classification model, showing very good sensitivity and specificity in distinguishing benign nevi samples from melanoma samples.
For an example use case, make sure to check out our joint publication on the development and validation of an MSI proteomics based assay to distinguish melanoma from healthy nevus tissue using the button below, as published in the Journal of Cutaneous Pathology.

Publication on melanoma classification

The Annotation Studio software is now available for licensing. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in using the software or want to learn more about it.

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Publication details

Nico Verbeeck1, Jessica Moore2, Thomas Moerman1, Nathan Heath Patterson2,3, Richard M. Caprioli2,3, Jeremy L. Norris2,3, Marc Claesen1. Annotation Studio: a web portal to support the development of IMS-based diagnostic assays, 70th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 2021
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