Operational team

Marc Claesen, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

Marc obtained his PhD in machine learning at KU Leuven, focusing on scalable machine learning, modeling strategies for imperfect labeling and automation of data analysis pipelines.

Nico Verbeeck, PhD

Co-founder & COO

Nico has been working on MSI data analysis for his entire professional career, obtaining his PhD on the topic at KU Leuven. In addition to the application of machine learning in MSI, his expertise includes computer vision and methods for image registration.

Thomas Moerman

Co-founder & CTO

Thomas is a full-stack Clojure developer and data systems architect with background in machine learning and data visualization in the life sciences domain.

Peter Roelants

Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Peter is an expert in machine learning (ML) with a proven track record in various industries. His expertise spans the full breadth of ML, ranging from algorithmic research up to production deployment of reliable ML-powered systems.

Alice Ly, PhD

Lead Generation Manager

Alice is a biologist with over 10 years’ experience in mass spectrometry, including five in research and development at Bruker Daltonik GmbH, Germany. She completed her PhD, BSc Hons (Pathology) and BA (Art History) at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Baruch Berger

Senior Full Stack Developer

Baruch is a full stack Clojure developer that has a focus on creating interactive user interfaces, making the connection between expert and technical tool as direct as possible.

Wanqiu Zhang, 张琬秋

Research Associate

Wanqiu is a PhD student at KU Leuven (ESAT/STADIUS), specializing in deep learning for biomedical imaging applications.

Dries De Peuter

Senior DevOps Engineer

Dries is a Service Reliability Engineer and Cloud Solution Architect specialized in containerized deployments. He has experience in cloud solutions, DevOps Workflow, CI/CD automated pipelines, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, IaC Solutions and more.

Directors & advisors

Ilse Sienaert, PhD

Chair of the Board of Directors

Ilse is active as Investment Manager for spin-off and innovation at KU Leuven Research and Development (LRD).

Bart De Moor, Prof.

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor

Prof. De Moor specializes in numerical linear algebra and its algorithmic applications. Prof. De Moor is highly active in bringing scientific results to society, having been involved in 8 spin-off companies.

Etienne Waelkens, Prof. MD

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor

Etienne is an expert in mass spectrometry-based applications and one of Europe's early adopters of MSI technology.

Luc Kindt

Strategic Advisor

Luc Kindt accelerates start-up and scale-up companies, locally and globally.