MSI Applications part 1: Glycans

In this blog post we introduce you to the wonderful world of glycans, an interesting analyte for which mass spectrometry imaging is proving to be particularly powerful. This post’s cover figure is used with permission from Boyaval et al., 2021.

MSI Hardware part 2: Mass Analyzers

In continuation of our quest to elucidate technical terms in mass spectrometry, this post describes the most commonly used mass analyzers in imaging, namely time of flight (TOF), Orbitrap and Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance (FTICR).

MSI Hardware part 1: Ionization Techniques

Are you confused by all the acronyms used in mass spectrometry imaging? In this series of blogs, we hope to provide you with a brief introduction and explanation of some of the different things you might want to know about the technology, starting with the hardware. In this post, we will describe the main ionization techniques and tackle some of those pesky acronyms in the process.

Clojure, I Choose You!

As a software development company, choosing the right tools for the job is of paramount importance. In this post, we will explain why we opted to use Clojure for the full web stack of our platform. When building complex software, leveraging a language that not just supports but actively promotes good engineering practices provides key benefits in terms of efficiency, readability, maintenance and robustness.