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Since Aspect Analytics was born out of academic research, we are keen to support bleeding edge research in molecular imaging. The Nexus platform facilitates efficient collaboration within your team on complex data analysis tasks, even remotely. Since our platform is fully managed, you need not worry about figuring out IT challenges or acquire expensive computation infrastructure.
All these advantages are captured by the Nexus platform's fundamental features:

Supporting scientific excellence

The Nexus platform provides all the tools you need to get the most out of your experimental data. We can deliver state-of-the-art bioinformatics pipelines for MSI or multimodal data analysis and enable you to publish interactive results to improve your scientific impact.
Scientific excellence

Best-in-class bioinformatics

Leverage state-of-the-art machine learning and AI algorithms to get the most out of your data. We provide dedicated tools for accurate, non-rigid registration to support your multimodal imaging workflows.

Publish interactive assets

Sprinkle some mojo onto your publications with fully interactive public webpages that summarize your key research results, including ion images, whole-slide images and spectral information.

Built-in, data-driven QC

The Nexus platform provides built-in, data-driven QC for key steps in your workflows to enable you to automatically detect an array of potential issues, thereby enhancing your overall quality.

Supercharge your collaborations

Collaboration is key in pushing the boundaries of human knowledge. Our platform provides seamless ways to document your analyses in order to safeguard reproducibility and avoid misunderstandings within your team. Remote teams can collaborate efficiently thanks to our web-based user interfaces and async communication and notification features.

Reproducible data analysis via workflows

Leverage workflows to set up standardized, reproducible studies. Nexus provides dedicated commenting tools to fully document your analysis in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Streamlined communication

Communication is key to ensure everyone stays informed of findings, issues or requests for feedback. Nexus provides built-in async communication and notifications. You can directly refer to specific analyses or datasets, to get your message across without confusion.

Smooth remote collaboration

Enable all your collaborators to securely access and jointly analyse data via the web, regardless of their physical location.
Two persons collaborating

Turnkey IT solutions

The Nexus platform is a turnkey solution covering the digital lifecycle of your experimental data and its associated metadata, as well as analysis procedures. Nexus provides a scalable system with virtually unlimited data storage and on-demand computational capacity capable of terabyte-scale analyses. Focus on your research while we handle the IT concerns.
IT infrastructure

Scalable by design

Our platform is backed by high performance cloud computing infrastructure, allowing seamless scaling to petabytes of data storage and analyses covering terabytes of data, without complex configurations on your behalf to support even the largest studies.

Best-in-class security

All data stored within the Nexus platform is secured according to current best practices. Our security system is regularly audited and updated by experts to keep your confidential data safe from accidental deletion or unauthorized access.

Integration options

Nexus supports deep integration with third party systems you may be using, such as databases, object stores, etc. Conversely, data and metadata can be queried from our platform via dedicated API's.

Joint research with Aspect Analytics

As a KU Leuven University spin-off, Aspect Analytics has strong scientific roots, as evidenced by our scientific publications. We remain active in cutting-edge research, with our core expertise encompassing bioinformatics, machine learning and mass spectrometry.


We have broad experience analysing biological data, with a primary focus on mass spectrometry imaging and microscopy data analysis. We are currently actively researching techniques for true multimodal data fusion across various imaging and non-imaging modalities.

Machine Learning

Our machine learning expertise includes deep learning, hyperparameter optimization, building and evaluating predictive models in an unsupervised context, as well as Bayesian inference.

Mass spectrometry

We have a long-standing research history in mass spectrometry imaging, including a recently published review paper together with prof. Caprioli. In addition to MSI, we are increasingly involved in analysis of complex LC-MS data.
Two scientists doing joint research